Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Malfunction Junction

For those of you who have not received any posts from this blog for a week or two. It was because Feedburner went on the blitz. However, it looks as if it may be working again. We had made a decision just before Feedburner malfunctioned to hold onto our Constant Contact account for at least one more month. It looks like that was a good decision. So Hungry Hearts Updates will still be delivered from time to time via that method. In the meantime, subscribing to this blog via email will keep you updated on a regular basis. Thank for subscribing to our blog.

Butch & Jocelyn

Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Case of Technical Difficulties With the Main Website

In Case of Technical Difficulties With the Main Website

If http://www.hungryheartsministries.com/ ever appears to be neglected, updates will be found here. I logged into the sitebuilder recently to update the main website and was unable to. Thank God, the problem was corrected very quickly, but it drove home to me the need to have an alternative way to let folks know what is going on with the site in case something like that every happens again.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hook, Line and Sinker

What if a baby formula company announced they had created a baby formula that smelled better, tasted better, and came in a variety of flavors guaranteed to appeal your baby?

What if it was discovered that, in order to make this formula more palatable, critical, life giving nutrients had been deleted and replaced with useless, even harmful ingredients--yet the formula company continues to claim that the most important thing about the formula is that it tastes good? Don't worry, they say, that your baby will be malnourished and not develop properly on this good-tasting formula. Don't worry that your baby may even die. The most important thing to focus on, they insist, is that your baby will like this formula.

This is the bill of goods being sold to Christians today concerning Bible versions. And it seems they are swallowing it--hook, line and sinker.