Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who is the "Devil" of the Prophetic Movement?

"We are best known for being a faith that is "against" everything. This has been an effective way the non-believing world has found to intimidate Believers into silence and keep them out of the marketplace. Sadly it has worked!"

The above quote is taken from a Bill Keller "Live Prayer" broadcast in which he referenced his recent televised interview with a Strip Club Owner and a Radical Muslim. Unfortunately, even professing Bible believing Christians use identical methods for intimidating other Bible believing Christians into not standing up for what the Word of God says.

One Christian recently emailed me stating concerns about a "prophet" and a "dreamer" who had been invited to speak at her church. She had misgivings about this person's ministry and had asked her pastor if he had checked him out thoroughly before inviting him to speak.

The pastor had not and was not the least bit interested in doing so.

Another church member, the one who was responsible for the invitation to begin with (who had recommended this dreamer to the pastor), viciously attacked the Christian who questioned the invitation by telling her that, in simply questioning this "prophet's" credibility she was guilty of "killing the prophets."

That is directly in line with the method used by all leaders of the Prophetic movement (and quite a common term by the way). Shame and ridicule are routinely heaped on Bible believing Christians who gauge the things they see and hear by the word of God.

And it is working!

More and more Christians are either falling for the lie or allowing themselves to be shamed into a deadly silence while these evil dreamers, who are falling into the ditch themselves, take their happily ignorant followers along with them.

This practice of ridiculing those who stand for absolutes is a method that has been successfully used by brainwashers for centuries. It has a name. It is called Dialectics. Dialectic is the theoretical foundation of Marxism . Regular folks know it better as "group think." Yep, the stuff "Big Brother" is made of. It is the practice of pitting the group against the one. It is also where the concept of "there are no absolutes, everything is relative" came from--which our children are programmed to believe from the earliest grades in our public schools.

Bill Hamon, the father of the Prophetic Movement, is a master at using dialectics, as is Rick Joyner , along with every other cult leader (the Prophetic Movement is one of the fastest growing cults in the church today). And their followers also seem to master the skill with amazing speed. They have to, or they would not be permitted to spew their poison so freely in Bible believing Christian congregations.

They are bullies, and a huge segment of the Body of Christ either agrees with them or is intimidated by them. These bullies really do not care which the case may be. Opposition is effectively silenced either way.

I cannot remember who it was who said you can have a successful movement without a God, but you cannot have a successful movement without a devil. Well how true that is! And the devil of the Prophetic movement is the Bible believing sector of the Body of Christ--those who judge all things by the scriptures and the scriptures alone.

Since we are called prophet killers (i.e., devils) whether we speak or whether we remain silent, let us not be dumb dogs who cannot bark. Let's earn that title, and speak up!

You can read more about the prophetic movement and their unscriptural practices and teachings in the book Apostles Prophets and the Coming NEW AGE. The book can be purchased at printing cost only or downloaded free at .

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