Friday, December 1, 2017

Christians Sickness and Healing

   Paul wrote to the Christians at Philippi about Epaphroditus, his brother and companion in labor and fellow-soldier in the gospel. He said, “For he longed after you all and was full of heaviness because that you had heard that he had been sick For indeed he was sick nigh unto death  but God had mercy on him and not on him only but on me also lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.”
   Christians have great and precious promises in the Bible, one of which is the promise of healing. It is given many times over to those who love the Lord. But God’s people are never instructed to deny the reality or possibility of sickness—and when it does strike, pray for the sick, have compassion on the sick, and trust God to watch over his Word to perform it (I am the God that healeth thee…My words are life to thee and health to all your flesh…the number of thy day days I will fulfill...I will take all sickness from the midst of thee….I will put none of these diseases…).
   Whose report will we believe?

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