Hungry Hearts Ministries began in 1992 with a correspondence course entitled, "Redemption: Bible Prophecy Simplified." The primary purpose of the course was soul-winning and discipleship. It was offered free to the public for several years and eventually and became the basis for the book .
   Our focus has not changed, and the primary purpose of the book remains soul-winning and discipleship. That is why the e-book is offered free to download--see sidebar.
   Everything at Hungry Hearts Ministries is aimed at evangelism--soul winning and discipleship.
   Ministry outreaches and opportunities have expanded over the years to include, pastoring and co-pastoring, street ministry, outreaches to battered women, those in bondage to various addictions, preaching, teaching, public speaking at group meetings and seminars, blogs, books, and an online radio station winning souls and making disciples 24/7 365.  

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