Hungry Hearts Fellowship

Hungry Hearts Fellowship (HHF) is the community outreach of Hungry Hearts Ministries, that [through local assemblies] provides opportunities for believers to gather together in Christian fellowship, corporate worship, service, and to participate together in outreach to our communities. 

We hold local meetings and provide resources to others who wish to do the same [whether or not they choose to align with HHF].

Hungry Hearts Fellowship establishes local congregations[ which grow through soul winning and discipleship], and provides training and ministry opportunities for those who desire to join with us.

We build our fellowships through soul-winning and discipleship. Some plant and some water, but it is God who gives the increase. We provide ministry opportunities to those who wish to serve, we are content to plant and water, encouraging the flock to move ever onward into God's will for their lives. We do not become possessive of God's possession. 

Hungry Hearts Fellowship functions on the premise that the Body of Christ (The Church) is called to do the work of the ministry and that certain ministry gifts (leadership in the form of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) are given to The Church in order to equip believers to join with them in this work (Ephesians 4:11-12).

We believe that  leadership positions are never full; for as the fellowship grows so does the need for leadership. As new opportunities for leadership present themselves, so does the need for additional leaders.

Hungry Hearts Fellowship (HHF) ordains leaders, which include Pastors, Assistant and Associate Pastors, Deacons, and Elders. We also appoint many other leaders in various areas of outreach who may or may not be ordained.

General (not comprehensive) requirements for leadership with HHF include: 
  • Agreement with our Statement of Faith and Vision: How can two walk together except they be agreed
  • Commitment: If a leadership position is sought, then responsibility and commitment to that responsibility is required
  • HHF's Leadership Training
Community outreaches include:
  • Events of all kinds
  • Music Ministry Events/Concerts
  • Children's ministry/Sidewalk Sunday Schools
  • Ministry to the home-bound
  • Nursing home ministry
  • Street ministry
  • Extreme Discipleship & Recovery Meetings
  • Dorcas Network Workshops with our groups and other churches (trains Christians in how to respond lovingly and biblically to reports of domestic violence among members)
  • Outreach to battered women's shelters and programs
We are open to any and all suggestions for ways to reach out and win souls for Christ as we also look for ways to serve our communities in tangible ways.