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Andersen Lane Books: All the help Christian writers need to write, publish, and market their books, while earning 100% royalty and retaining 100% control over their books! 

Andersen Lane books is an imprint of One Way Press. It is a publishing services and self-publishing platform for Christian books. Authors can choose complete publishing packages or ala cart services. 

We vet all titles. Our vetting standards for books accepted to be published or edited through our service are the same as with our traditional publishing imprints.

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Forever Love Books and Novelist Press are traditional royalty-paying publishers, imprints of One Way Press (OWP).

OWP is a debt-free company founded in 2007, to publish non-fiction literature and books for the Christian community. We have enjoyed over a decade of credibility while gaining experience in the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry.

The Forever Love Books and Novelist Press imprints are all about fiction! 

This blog is about helping novelists in general and writing for Forever Love® Books and Novelist Press® in particular, to meet the need for readers and writers in publishing books that may fall "outside the box" of most traditionally published Christian fiction. 

We are looking for stories that are edgy (see submission guidelines), inspirational, heartfelt, and wholesome, written from a Christian world-view. 

We invite our authors to "color outside the lines," producing stories that readers will resonate with but that may or may not not fit the genre mold or make the cut with publishers who are reluctant to take a chance on a different kind of Christian fiction or previously unpublished authors.

These days, even published authors, who have awesome followings, are losing their homes with some of the larger traditional publishers. We would love for them to find a home with us.

We are willing to take a chance and get your story and message out there! 

Endorsement for Forever Love Books and Novelist Press from best-selling historical romance author, MaryLuTyndall: Calling all authors! You may be finding it hard to get noticed by one of the big publishing houses these days, right? Well, a good friend of mine has her own publishing company, and she's looking for submissions. She's a Godly woman of high integrity, and I personally vouch for her publishing company. Let's get good Christian books out there!  Much needed these days.

One Way Press

Testimonial from non-fiction author, Shirley Taylor: "I didn't know that I could write a (non-fiction) book, but Jocelyn Andersen of One Way Press believed I could. 

   She took a look at my booklet and encouraged me to expand my thoughts into a full-sized book. She secured an editor, and together we all edited the work quite a bit, because I had no idea how a professional writer would express their thoughts so others would read them and take those thoughts seriously. 

   She chose a style and a cover. When I first saw the cover she had chosen for my book, I couldn't stop laughing [for joy]. I still love the cover as much as I ever did. It was perfect for the book. 

   It is not easy writing a book, and it is not easy having someone critique your choice of words. But she did it all in a loving and professional way, which made the book a serious work to be taken seriously. 

   I am grateful for the time she spent, for her expertise, and the ease in dealing with One Way Press."

For a writer, seeing your novel on the shelf at bookstores rates as a top ten experience. Wouldn't you love to see yours there?

A One Way Press book on the shelf at a brick and mortar bookstore (and not the only one either!). This one is at Barnes and Noble in Tampa, FL, and your novel can be there too!