Hungry Hearts Ministries is so thankful for those who believe in what we do and support this ministry prayerfully and financially. 

Here are some ways you can 
support Hungry Hearts Ministries
Ministry outreach takes a great deal of time and money (and it takes money to have time). This holds as true for Hungry Hearts Ministries as it does for any other ministry. One way our ministry is supported is through sales of, “Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence,” (A Book that Saves Lives!) or any book by Jocelyn Andersen. 
Purchasing print copies of these books, not only provides financial support but expands our outreach beyond online avenues by creating ministry opportunities for our supporters. Everyone's Pastor, Sunday School teacher, church group, group leader, or church library, can benefit from receiving a copy[s] of, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, as a gift. 

Women's resource centers and shelters love this book. They give copies of it to women who come to them for help, so gifts of multiple paperback copies to these organizations is always appreciated.

The time-consuming activity of writing books and creating resource materials takes up a large part of Hungry Hearts Ministries weekly schedule. We stream the Gospel of Jesus Christ 24/7 through our Bible Talk Radio station. We also produce monthly e-booklets [which sell for .99 cents to the general reader, but is offered free to our ministry update subscribers]. 

We give books away. 

Your book purchases make it possible to provide book[s] for those who could not otherwise afford to buy them. From the beginning, Hungry Hearts Ministries has never turned down a request for a free book to anyone who needs our resources but could not afford to buy them. 

Purchasing Jocelyn Andersen's books makes it possible for her to accept speaking engagements from non-profits, domestic violence shelters, small groups, and small churches who may not be able to cover even her travel expenses.

Other ways to partner with Hungry Hearts Ministries and help expand our outreach efforts

  • PRAY for this ministry
  • Subscribe to Jocelyn's newsletters and encourage others to subscribe
  • Share links to our books, posts, and newsletters with your contacts on social media 
  • Place links to this blog (or any of Jocelyn's blogs) on your own blogs and websites 
  •  Make "Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence" (or any of this author's other books) available to many people. Ask your public library to acquire a copy for you
  •  Ask local bookstores to special order the book for you. This not only supports the ministry, but encourages bookstores to stock copies on their shelves.
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Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy
Let us come forth rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us

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