Monday, July 23, 2007

Four Angels Four Winds - Revelation 7:1-3

Revelation 7:1-3

Four Angels – Four Corners – Four Winds

In Revelation 7:1-3, we see the earth sitting on the brink of devastating judgment. There are four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth. Currently, as concerning the future of this earth, the angels stationed at the four corners of the earth in Revelation 7:1-3, are given tremendous destructive power that will be violently unleashed as soon as the servants of God, 144,000 Jews, are sealed in their foreheads.

These angels are being instructed, by an angel who has the seal of the Living God, not to hurt the earth, sea or trees until the servants of God have been sealed in their foreheads.

Are the angels holding the four winds Holy Angels? Or are they evil angels?

We know from scripture that God is in control of all powers, even Satan’s, and there is scriptural evidence that He does use evil angels to accomplish His purposes. Also, the scriptures do refer to Satan as the prince of the powers of the air. And it is air (wind) that these angels hold in their power.

Think about the consequences of destroying angels that hold power over the wind and the sea: hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, fierce thunder storms, tsunamis… just for starters.

There is a parallel to Revelation 7:1-3 In Ezekiel 9:1-11. In Ezekiel we see a city sitting on the brink of judgment. We see angels with slaughter weapons in their hands. We also see an angel, clothed in linen, with an inkhorn in his hand.

The angel with the inkhorn is commanded to set a mark [of protection] in the foreheads of all the servants of God in the city (them that sigh and cry over the sin surrounding them).

After the righteous are sealed, the destroying angels did their work. They acted upon the direct command of God. But were they Satan’s angels? Or were they Holy angels?

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