Friday, August 29, 2008

The File Has Been Corrupted

In exodus 32, Moses was instructed by the LORD to get down from the mountain because the people had “corrupted themselves.” What exactly does it mean to be “corrupted?”

To most of us, corruption means filth, vice and perversion. So if we don’t fit into those categories, we feel quite safe from corruption, don’t we. But are we really?

The following example comes to mind:
As I was working on my computer, I recently received a message from my anti-virus program that said, “RISKWARE. HIDDEN INSTALL.” That was alarming. I was informed that there were a couple of programs installed and running on my computer without user interaction. In other words, these programs were just doing their own thing without my permission or knowledge.

They had somehow managed to slip by the security systems I had in place and were now writing their own files in my system, while, at the same time, were altering other files. Healthy files on my computer were becoming corrupted.

How could that be, when, on the surface, everything appeared normal?

I called my PC tech and was told that although things appeared normal, and my computer seemed to be functioning just fine at the moment, the RISK-WARE, unless gotten rid of, would continue to write its own files, while altering others. And one day, when enough critical files were altered, my computer would be effectively destroyed. How long would that take? "
   "It depends," he said, "on how fast the RISK-WARE worked."

Even though a computer can function with some corrupted files, it is not something that can usually be ignored indefinitely.

What happens when a file is corrupted?
1.) It loses functionality. It no longer executes commands correctly
2.) It becomes utterly useless—destroyed

But isn’t it interesting, that the results of corrupting a file are not always immediately apparent? Things can roll happily along for quite some time…until the file that has been corrupted is needed. Then, it will either zig when it should zag. Or it simply will not respond at all.

RISKWARE. HIDDEN INSTALL! How in the world does that happen? In my case, something harmful had been injected into my system through something which appeared to be safe (remember the story of the Trojan Horse? The gift that rolled through the gate of the city, that was, in reality, a hidden bunker harboring enemy troops?). I had downloaded a program that was acting as a hidden bunker for this RISK-WARE, a malicious virus, that had made my healthy system its home and was working stealthily at corrupting it—writing its own brand new files, and altering others.

My system was slowly but steadily changing—for the worse.And I was assured by my tech support, that the situation would continue to deteriorate, until one day, my computer would lose functionality altogether. It would become completely corrupted…and crash.

Aren’t people like that? Can’t we function, apparently quite normally (sometimes for a very long time), even with a few corrupted files? But even so, it is a serious thing when we allow the situation to continue without intervention.

Through His risen son—Christ Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and His Written Word—the Bible, God has given us all things that pertain to LIFE and godliness. But we are the gate- keepers of what goes into our minds and hearts. Additionally, Jesus said we must be DOERS of his Word and not hearers only.

If we are hearers only, and disobedient to the word of God, RISKWARE will infest our lives and spirits—writing files on our hearts that oppose God, His word, and His Spirit, altering our attitudes until we are changed—no longer responding to the Spirit of God or to others, as we HE intended. We become hardened to selfishness, pride, materialism--sin. Our conscience no longer bothers us. We become comfortable inviting even more RISKWARE into our lives by watching and listening to things we shouldn't, or participating in activities that may not be good for us. Our lives, and the lives of those closest to us, are adversely affected. Our relationships could become damaged or ruined. Our physical, mental, and emotional health may be adversely affected. Our faith can begin to erode. Without intervention, the system is subject to crash. And Jesus said when the crash comes, it will be a big one.

We are exposed to RISKWARE on a daily basis as we navigate the kosmos. But if we hear His word and act on it our system defenses will work properly. God's anti-virus system will detect and get rid of the RISKWARE. We will respond to the Spirit of the Lord, and to others, as we should. We will function the way our creator intended. We will walk in the peace and victory Jesus promises to those who love and obey Him.

Are you reading our Bibles every day, always picking up today where you left off yesterday? Are you doers of the Word and not hearers only? Do you know Jesus as your savior? Are you absolutely certain that you have eternal life ? Click here to read more about it in the free e-book REDEMPTION: Bible Prophecy Simplified.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Extreme Spirituality