Monday, October 15, 2018

How a Forgotten Movement Undermined Christianity

Book Review by Jocelyn Andersen
Do you ever wonder why you or someone you know may be disillusioned in the faith? Or why some Christians seem to be totally unprepared [and their distress so acute] when things happen that they cannot persuade themselves are positive or "good?"
L.L. Martin answers these and other questions in her excellent book, Positively Powerless.

I found this book to be so incredibly affirming, even as she exposed the unbiblical and occult roots of the Positive Thinking Movement. Martin provides data that explains how and why such a positive sounding movement actually sets adherents up for disappointment, failure, and distress.

All believers can benefit from reading, Positively Powerless. Every Pastor, Bible  Teacher, and Christian leader of any kind (even children's and teen leaders) will benefit personally and become even better leaders and influencers when they read and apply the wisdom and practical knowledge contained in this book.

It is a fascinating read, and I was  blown away by the depth and perception of Martin's insights.  I know it defeats the purpose of highlighting when every word is underscored or highlighted, but I could not stop. Every page of my copy is marred with color and notes. In my own writing, I will be quoting from this book for years to come.

Martin takes us through an eye-opening history of the Positive Thinking Movement and its effects on Christians today. Her penetrating and practical discernment will answer questions about "why"  Christians who embrace this movement often fail to achieve the results they are so positively convinced  will come.

She offers solutions, and the foundations of our faith are strengthened, as we learn to walk in the footsteps of our Savior.

Buying this book, is an investment in yourself, an investment in your personal and spiritual growth--and in those you may influence along the way--as you make this life's journey. 

 Laura Martin is Married to Bob since 1992. She is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. A saint and sinner. Avid reader. Lifelong learner. Currently a seminary graduate with a preaching/teaching ministry. Formerly a nurse. Companion to beloved cats, rabbit, and a Newfoundland dog. World wide traveler. Host of international students since 1997. Learn more  about L. L. Martin  HERE

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