Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blind Bald Christians: Spiritual Health & Discernment

   What if we have been drinking from polluted wells and eating contaminated foods that were causing our eyesight to fail, our hair to fall out, along with a host of other health problems? 
   What if it was brought to our attention that eating and drinking from these impure sources was causing us harm and could possibly lead to our deaths...if we failed to stop our poisonous consumption?  
   What if we simply could not, or would not, despite warnings, give these things up? We would eventually go blind and bald wouldn't we? We might even die.
  This is happening among Christians, today, in alarming numbers. They are going blind (their discernment has become seriously distorted). They are going bald (their spiritual, and even physical, health is adversely affected). And some are even dying (departing from the faith), because they are consuming contaminated food and water. They are feeding themselves spiritual poison.
   We have received a number of correspondences from those who thank us for warning them about the unscriptural and dangerous nature of certain beliefs and practices they picked up through various channels: churches, books, social media, television/radio programs, and online discussion groups, etc..). 
   We delight with them, when they joyfully embrace the scriptural truth about some things and experience immediate improvements in their spiritual vision and health. They loudly praise God for their deliverance and often begin contending for the faith… for a time.
   We then watch helplessly as some slowly slip back into the same mire they recently, loudly, and publicly, praised God for pulling them out of.
   How does this happen?
  It happens, in part, because they return to polluted wells. They return to contaminated foods. They stay in churches they know promote error. They continue tuning in to television and radio programs, and online groups, that subvert their faith. They continue reading authors who promote error.
   Before they know it, they seem to be given over to a lie—or at the very least, remain in an almost constant state of confusion. They challenge us to prove, again and again, and again, the error of things they had publicly renounced just a short time before.
    Jesus is Truth. Satan is Error. What if Jesus told us something, and we then ran back to Satan to hear his side of things again? In addition to endangering ourselves, we would become seriously confused, wouldn’t we? 
   That's what happens when we receive the truth about a contaminated source, and then revisit that source and begin feeding from it again. The Bible says the double-minded are unstable in all their ways. Instability is nothing to be taken lightly. 
   If the evidence convinces us we are drinking from polluted wells and eating contaminated food. Abandon those wells! Give up that food! Do not take another sip...not so much as another nibble!
   Immerse ourselves in the TRUTH. Consider reliable evidence. Listen only to wholesome words. In the power of Jesus Christ (only do this if you know that you belong to Jesus) bind, rebuke, and renounce spirits of rebellion, greed, covetousness, and whoredom... anything that causes us to be dissatisfied with the simplicity of Christ, and to seek to own things he has not given. 
   Allow our hearts to become good ground where the Word of God can flourish, grow, and bear fruit—not rocky or thorny ground where the enemy can easily steal God's Word from us or bog us down with the cares of this world.
   The light of the body is the eye (spiritual/physical connection)--Let us keep our vision/discernment sharp. Test all things. Keep our eyes clear. Drink the sincere milk of the Word, and grow into healthy, mature, Christians who can handle the meat of the Word as well.


Author and speaker, Jocelyn Andersen, is an eclectic Christian writer. She is a Bible teacher who writes about many subjects including Bible prophecy and equality of the sexes. She is best known for her advocacy in domestic violence awareness. Her book, Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, has been a staple in the library of resources on that subject.  

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