Friday, December 24, 2021

The Bible Promises Healing

 In Luke 9:2, Jesus sent forth the twelve to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick. 

Cross reference that with Hebrews 8:6 which says the New Covenant is a better covenant built on better promises than the Old Covenant.

 The Old Covenant had some awesome promises concerning health and healing!

Just to name a few:

  • I am the God that healeth thee
  • ...and take all sickness from the midst of thee
  • to you and health to all your flesh 

Healing is also for New Covenant believers. We know this, because the New Covenant ministry and spiritual gifts include gifts of healing. We know this because Jesus listed healing the sick as one of the signs following those who believe. We know this because James, the brother of Jesus, instructed believers who are sick to seek God's supernatural healing by calling the elders of the church to come and anoint them with oil and pray for them (caveat: notice the elders should be going to sick and rather than the other way around?). 

James made an unqualified claim that the prayer of faith would raise up the sick, and if the sick had committed any sins they would be forgiven them. Jesus said, "What's the difference, to say rise up and walk or your sins be forgiven?" Selah.

Healing will be a prominent feature of Christ's Kingdom which will initially be inhabited by mortals, many of whom will need healing as they enter into Life, into the Kingdom prepared for them. Matthew 18:8 and 25:34 are post tribulation Judgement of the Nations passages and not Heaven passages. 

The good news is that for those of us who are saved, the Kingdom of God is within us now. We have awesome promises of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in the here and now. 

In every era, under every covenant, our merciful Creator includes a healing provision for his people. To as many as receive Jesus, to them he gives power to become the children of God, and Jesus said healing is the children's bread.

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