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Many of the older requests are still active and need continued prayer. Please take a few moments to pray for as many as  you can and give praise to God for answered prayer. Use the contact form in side-bar to contact us with new prayer requests or updates. 

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4/25/20 Brandon struggles with addiction 

4/25/20 Patrick was in a car accident and is in ICU. 

3/31/20:  Lane needs a healing in her knees. Pray for healing

Update 3/31/20: All is well! original request: 3/8/20: A son and grandson may have been exposed to Corona Virus. Grandson attends the after-school care at the Fremont, Nebraska YMCA where the woman who was diagnosed with Corona participated in a Special Olympics sports event there last weekend (and a little girl who attends the before/after care was diagnosed and hospitalized). The "Y" is currently temporarily closed. All schools in Fremont are closed until the 15th, and all attendees at the Special Olympics event last weekend have been ordered to self-quarantine. Please pray that son and grandson will not contract the virus; also pray for the woman and little girl, as well as all who may have been exposed at the Fremont "Y" last weekend [or during the past week when contamination in the facility was not yet known].

UPDATE 3/2020: All is peaceful and well!  2-3-2019: Our Street is being invaded by criminal rif-raf and the police are doing little to help. We need help. Please pray that the ring-leaders  will be permanently taken out of the picture (arrested and convicted, change their ways, move away, or something)

THIS request IS STILL ACTIVE 3/2020: originally posted 1-19-2019: Vance is being kept from his mother (supervised visits only), his siblings, all his maternal relatives by court order. No good reason for this. Please pray for this boy and his family. The mother is not asking for custody change, only that these unfair and harmful restrictions are lifted. The mother is not abusive, has never been accused of or charged with child abuse. She currently has custody of Vance's siblings and Family and Children Services have no problem with this (little Vance is treated well but currently with an agnostic/atheist family. Please pray for parent's salvation)

1-8-2019 update Eyes much better. Please continue to pray Original request 12/13/18: I need a healing in several areas and also, please pray for my eyes.
NO UPDATE AVAILABLE: 1/8/19 NO UPDATE as yet 12/13/18 Urgent  prayer needed for Chad. Time is of the essence. He has been hospitalized due to serious infection in his knee. Has been told amputation is a possibility. Pray for healing and NO AMPUTATION!

1-8-19 NO UPDATE AVAILABLE: 12/13/18 Update from 4/2 request: A mother needs a physical healing. Her medical treatments have stopped working 12/18 The good news is, mother is still alive and continuing treatments, so new treatment is working! Pray for complete healing

Please continue to pray for Mari court ruled against her 11/10/18 Pray for Mari. She is being stalked. The following is her request: "...after every sadomasochist and violent details and stalking incidents I told the judge with the help of domestic violence advocate, he still did not grant a temporary restraining order. PLEASE pray for me and my lawyer to win. Court date is on November 14."

UPDATE: After refusing food since Friday, lots of prayers, and 30 hours of feeding her 1mm of water an hour through an eye dropper (the crisis hit on Sat--no vets open, she could only tolerate half a mil of water at a time every 30 minutes or so) because that's all her stomach could handle, I am happy to report that TahLula Bell woke up this morning hungry and thirsty. She has been her old self all day. Thank you for your prayers! 11/10/18 Pray for TahLula Bell. She is sick and miserable. She is 12 yrs old.
This is older pic [from the April request] but relays her general condition

11/10/18 Update: Better! ...10/7/18 For Kathy in Ohio asking for prayer: Attacks, starting in June of last year are now coming more frequently.  Instead of weekly or daily - things are escalating to almost hourly.  I don't want to be overly dramatic but I'm in a battle for my mind.  I'm under such stress that I've broken out in hives all over my body (except for my face) which are huge red swollen itchy welts.  Financially, emotionally, mentally I'm a total wreck... I'm drowning.  I have no idea what is going on.  I try to remember that things could be still so much worse but I'm a basket case.  I don't sleep, my stomach is in knots, I can't concentrate.

11/10/18 UPDATE: No sign of emphysema. Continue to pray for her to quit smoking  ...8/7/18 Dianne is in early stage of emphysema and COPD. Pray for healing and for her successfully quite smoking. 

11/2018 No updates available please continue to pray  ...6/24/18 Patricia has Cycle Cell disease and is on oxygen. She is praying for God to heal her.

6/24/18 Christopher is a young Christian who has been deeply hurt by church leadership

August 2018 Update: Latest tests: liver is normal, and she has also been healed of acid reflux, and she no longer needs sleep aids ...7/2/18 update Courtney had extensive lab work and a thyroid ultrasound.  The result is that she does have a serious thyroid condition as well as a serious liver condition.  She has now been referred to an endocrinologist and a GI.  The primary doctor will make the arrangements with the specialists so appointments can be made. 6/19/18: Courtney was told she is in liver failure today. She is 20 yrs old. They are running more tests tomorrow. 6/21/update from her mother: Please continue to pray for Courtney.  We went together to see the doctor today, and
  1. Both Courtney's thyroid and her liver are in severe condition.
  2. The doctor wants a rush on a thyroid ultrasound to determine why her thyroid is so bad. I'll make the appt tomorrow.
  3. Courtney has been taken off of many of her medications as they can contribute to or exasperate liver failure (including her thyroid medication), so now she has little to help her with mood swings, sleeplessness, pain, acid reflux, thyroid and hormonal conditions, etc.  All of these conditions have been treated with prescribed medications under a doctor's care until now.  
Yesterday Courtney was told that she is "20 and looking at liver failure which leads to death."  Courtney is shaken up.  Today the doctor did not use the same harsh words but she did say that both Courtney's liver and thyroid are in serious condition. Thank you and all your prayer partners for your prayers,
 6-11-18 For Steven. Looks like they are removing half his leg tomorrow. Praying that removes all infection and saves his life! Update 6/18/18 Prayers still for Steven not only for his health but also that we are able to get him an apartment here where I live so that he is set with a home to come home to when he is released in the next several weeks. 6/18/18 From Steven: I want to thank all for the prayers that have seen me thru this trying time, and I want to thank to the people for the strength I was given in your name Jesus and I thank you for caring for me and my puppy penny

 NO UPDATE AVAILABLE ...6-9-18: Bad accident. Jillian had surgery yesterday. She's in good spirits. Family says its gonna be a long haul. L1-L5 vertebrate broken, collapsed lung, all her ribs broken, pelvic bones broken.

Update Monday 4/2/2018 10:48 am: Talk about instant answer to prayer! Within minutes of posting, T-Bell got off her cushion went into the kitchen, ate one prune, drank an entire small bowl of water, then went outside and did her business. Look at the difference!
Monday 4/2: TahLula Bell needs prayer. She hasn't been herself since Saturday, and she hasn't gotten off her cushion at all this morning. She didn't eat much Saturday. Yesterday, she was eating and drinking, and this morning she ate a small snack I brought to her, but she has not "done her business" since Saturday morning (I put her on a doggie constipation diet yesterday). She is almost 12 years old and has been my constant companion. I am very concerned about her.

4/2: A family needs a healing in relationships between mother and daughter. 

4/2: A minister has been church hurt and needs God's peace and comfort. 

BABY DOING WELL! Latest update: All is well with mother and baby! 4/2: The mother is having some complications and needs continued prayer. Baby needs prayer as well, remember she was born early and does not yet weigh five lbs Update 3/24: Both mother and baby delivered safely! Update 3/14/18: Pray for pending c-section (mother and baby) and also healing for Jamiee, she has been told she will be on blood thinners the rest of her life. Update 3/6/18: The date has been set to take the baby by C-section. The baby will be 4 weeks premature. In preparation, the mother is being taken off blood thinners. Pray that she will not go into labor before the C-section date and that both mother and baby will come through safely. Update 2/21: Please continue to pray. The situation with Jamiee and the baby is still precarious. They are considering taking the baby early by C-section Original Request: Jamiee is in the hospital with two pulmonary embolisms, and she is also quarantined with the flu. She is expecting a baby. A previous request: Jamiee and unborn baby named Esmay need prayer that both will be protected and baby born healthy. There have been lots of complications. Jamiee also graduates from EMT academy on Friday 12//17/15; she has been in and out of hospital due to pregnancy complications and is requesting prayer that she will pass her upcoming State Exam. Lots of stress going on here.

3/17/18  A 37 year-old wife mother sister daughter and friend just died from complications of the flu in Polk County FL. Pray for her family and those who loved her

3/16/2018 update: The Baby is doing great after her open heart surgery, better than anticipated. The parents want to thank everyone for their prayers. They were truly felt. A long recovery is expected, but we serve a great and awesome God. Original request: Tiny Baby Girl undergoing heart surgery today 3/14/18

Final Update from kathy on her pet, Molly: 2:12 pm 3/12/18 Hello dear friends - Molly has been set free     I thank you all for your love, prayers and support.  
It was just especially hard because she was truly the last of my family.    Now that its' over, I'm ok.  As those of us who are pet lovers know, the hardest thing about having a dog (cat) is the goodbye.   Thank you  Thank you for reaching out to me in your thoughts and prayers.   I'm here for each of you whatever and whenever YOU have a need.   LOVE YOU  Molly and Kathy
3/11/18 7pm Oh my friends, how I need your prayers.   Molly has really deteriortated today and I am praying so hard that God will take her in the next few minutes.  I did call the vet, which is of course not open today but left a message and hopefully the vet can arrange to come as soon as possible tomorrow to help Molly transition from her pain to freedom if God doesn't release her.  Please, please pray that God be gracious and take her as soon as possible so she is free and not in pain.   I know she's "just a dog" but she is the only family I have left but as much as it's breaking my heart to lose her, it's breaking my heart more to know she's in this kind of distress.  Thank you   
  3/7/18 7:30 pm
I took Molly to the vet this AM and the blood work indicated that she most probably has cancer.  I will take her back tomorrow for an xray/MRI to confirm that.  Should it be cancer, due to her age, I don't think there's much point in any  treatment.  I plan on keeping her at home until her time is up.  The vet said on the phone that a lot of times in these situations the animal just goes to sleep and doesn't wake up.It is my prayer that this is the case for her and that the vet can give me something to help her should she have any pain.  As you can imagine, my heart is breaking.  She is truly, truly the last family I have.  Please pray for me that I can endure this and please pray for Molly too.    Thank you so much.
Original request from Kathy 3-7-18 8:11 am
I don't think Molly (kathy's pet) is going to make it.  It's 7AM here but when the vet opens this AM, I will take her in and hopefully, they will be able to help her but I'm very concerned.   Could you please pray for us again? It will be so very hard to lose her. Truly, Molly is the only family I have left. Thank you so much.

3-6-18 Junalie is recovering from surgery

3/6/2018 update: Safe and sound 3-5-18 Truck Driver in Minnesota sent this picture asking for prayer. It is snowing and roads are bad.

Update 3/14/18 God has moved in this situation, but please continue to pray for all involved : 2/26 Roger's sister is dying. The family has been called to spend a last bit of time with her. 

PRAYER ANSWERED AND TERMITE MAY GET SAVED BECAUSE OF IT (PRAY FOR HIS SALVATION)! A senior citizen has a serious termite problem [damage already done] and needs funds to have home treated and damage stopped. 

2/21/2018 Sarah has received an unexpected promotion on her job! This has helped considerably. Thank you for prayers!: Original request: Sarah is under A LOT of stress 

Still active 2/21/2018: Karen received a good report from her doctor! She is still standing for complete healing. Original request:  asking God to heal her. She has numerous debilitating health problems. She is expecting test results on her kidney. Pray for a good report. 

Update 1/3/18: God's marvelous protection! Hwy 95 was closed. Motorists were stranded. She was able to get to safe parking. Original URGENT request 1/3/18 9:55 AM  Truck Driver almost jackknifed on black ice highway 95 in Savannah GA (Truck was all over the highway but thank God she got control--only one scratch injury and passenger side headlight broken), now parked till can safely inch her way to safe location, but multiple accidents continuing to occur all around her, police car was just involved in one and being towed. Very dangerous stretch of highway coming off an iced bridge. 

Update 2/21/2018 Please keep praying:  Update 1/23/18 Rev. Trina has been told there may be permanent damage to her eyesight due misdiagnosis months ago and lack of correct treatment. She is trusting God to heal her eyes completely. She is now taking the correct medication and restricted to total rest for a few days Original Request: 1/21/18 Rev. Trina needs healing for her eyes. She is seeing a doctor tomorrow. 

2:21/2018 No updates, but either way, this grandmother and the family still need prayer.  Original request:  Emily requests prayer for her unborn grandchild. The parents are considering abortion due to financial insecurity. 

Update: Good News Jeffrey reports that all is well. Thank you for prayers! Update: Kidney stone treatment successful, still awaiting biopsy results. Original Request: Jeffrey needs healing for Kidney stones. He is also waiting for results of a biopsy. Pray for good report. Pray he will return to God with his whole heart 

2/21/2018 Good news! But still active: Update: Pray for complete healing:   Rev. Trina completed the Treadmill manually. She was advised to have further tests and try some medication. She is praying for complete healing. Original request: Trina is having some tests done on her heart today (1/16). She wants to be able to finish the treadmill test, but is concerned that the pain from her fibromyalgia will prevent that. She does not want them to have to do the nuclear test. She is very anxious about it. Pray for endurance, peace, healing, and a good report 

2/21/2018 Still active: A pastor needs a miracle of healing: Update: One painful symptom disappeared! Pray that healing will manifest throughout body 

Still active 2/21/18: Dick is resuming radiation treatments and recovering from surgery 

2020 UPDATE: KELLY GOT HER KIDNEY!!! 2017 update: Please continue to pray: Kelly has been on waiting list for years to get a new kidney. She gets regular dialysis, and sometimes grows so discouraged. 

Update 11:45 am 12/14/17: All is well. Thank you for prayers! 9:02 pm 12/13/17: She arrived at her drop safely, stayed ahead of the snow all the way. Has a safe place to park for the night. She thanks everyone for their prayers. Please continue praying. She will be driving back into snow area tomorrow. Previous Update 6:10 pm 12/13/17: Winter storm moving in and all rest stops and truck stops full (Pennsylvania). Please pray. Two hours from scheduled delivery. Woman truck driver needs safe place (hopefully with facilities) to park for the night   Previous request: Time Sensitive 8:33 am 12/13/17: Pray for protection and safety for a truck driver parked in an unsafe location. Can't move rig for 2 1/2 hours.   

2/21/2017 still active: JL needs salvation and deliverance from drugs 

2/21/2017 A ministry needs help re-organizing 

Rachael needs healing for painful arm and shoulder 

A pastor needs help stepping out of comfort zone. 

Update 12/10/17: Better! A Pastor needs healing from whatever is  causing severe fatigue and light headedness 

2/21/2017 Please continue to pray: Update on Pastor Mark. Let's all stand with him for complete healing. Original request: I would like to thank all my friends and my family for showing me love at a time when I needed it. November 29th I will go for an operation.  I will be in the hospital for 3 days maybe more. Once again thank you all for your prayers and your friendship and the love that you show me. 

Better! A healing is needed from persistent back pain 

PRAISE REPORT!  A mother is praising God that he has answered prayers for her son (who has missed work due to unexpected car troubles) to replace that vehicle and have a reliable transportation. God made a way where there seemed to be no way!

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