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While you are here, take a few moments to pray for some of the requests others have posted. That is what makes this a "Prayer Exchange." This way, we all get prayer.

   We have close to two hundred prayer warriors (and counting) who want to stand with you in prayer (Don't forget to update us, so we can post answers to prayer, rejoice with you, and all be encouraged)

Prayer Needed
      • Trina is having some tests done on her heart today (1/16). She wants to be able to finish the treadmill test, but is concerned that the pain from her fibromyalgia will prevent that. She does not want them to have to do the nuclear test. She is very anxious about it. Pray for endurance, peace, healing, and a good report
    • Update on Fred: He is currently in hospital getting stents Original request: has an upcoming Heart catherization. His wife. Stephanie, is very anxious about it. Please pray all will go well with Fred (and for a good report!), and that Stephanie's fears will  be calmed.
    • Prayer for a good report. Kenny is awaiting results of tests for liver cancer
    • Dick is resuming radiation treatments and recovering from surgery
    • Kathy has some places on her legs. They are cancer. They will let her know if they will do radiation or chemo. 
    • Melanie's two children are sick. They really do not know what is wrong with her daughter, she is praying they will figure it out this time. Pray for healing.
    • Update 1/3/18: Hwy 95 was closed. Motorists were stranded. She was able to get to safe parking. Original URGENT request 1/3/18 9:55 AM  Truck Driver almost jackknifed on black ice highway 95 in Savannah GA (Truck was all over the highway but thank God she got control--only one scratch injury and passenger side headlight broken), now parked till can safely inch her way to safe location, but multiple accidents continuing to occur all around her, police car was just involved in one and being towed. Very dangerous stretch of highway coming off an iced bridge.
    • Update: Beverly spent Christmas and several days later in hospital but is home now and recovering nicely. Thank you for the prayers. Update: Beverly was admitted. She is spending Christmas in the hospital. .  Original request: It is Christmas Eve and Beverly is in ER with respiratory problems. Not sure if they are going to admit her or not. 
    • Update: Mr. Burris is still hospitalized. Looks like he'll be there over Christmas, but up to receiving visitors! Update: Brother "B" is in intensive care but at last report, he is improving. Please continue to pray. Original post: "B" has been hospitalized and needs healing. Pray for his family as well.
    • Prayer needed for upcoming legal matter. Praying it can be settled without going to court.
    • Update: Amazing reversal! Sleeping well and normal hours! Pastor needs days and nights reversed back to normal. No medication involved, just sleep disruptions.

    • Frances has received a new job offer. She needs to make the right decision about keeping current job or making a change.
    • Update 11:45 am 12/14/17: All is well. Thank you for prayers! 9:02 pm 12/13/17: She arrived at her drop safely, stayed ahead of the snow all the way. Has a safe place to park for the night. She thanks everyone for their prayers. Please continue praying. She will be driving back into snow area tomorrow. Previous Update 6:10 pm 12/13/17: Winter storm moving in and all rest stops and truck stops full (Pennsylvania). Please pray. Two hours from scheduled delivery. Woman truck driver needs safe place (hopefully with facilities) to park for the night   Previous request Time Sensitive 8:33 am 12/13/17: Pray for protection and safety for a truck driver parked in an unsafe location. Can't move rig for 2 1/2 hours.   
    • Jamiee and unborn baby named Esmay need prayer that both will be protected and baby born healthy. There have been lots of complications. Jamiee also graduates from EMT academy on Friday 12//17/15; she has been in and out of hospital due to pregnancy complications and is requesting prayer that she will pass her upcoming State Exam. Lots of stress going on here.

    • Rachael needs healing for painful arm and shoulder
    • A pastor needs help stepping out of comfort zone.

    • Update 12/10/17: Better! A Pastor needs healing from whatever is  causing severe fatigue and light headedness
    • Update on Pastor Mark. Let's all stand with him for complete healing. Original request: I would like to thank all my friends and my family for showing me love at a time when I needed it. November 29th I will go for an operation.  I will be in the hospital for 3 days maybe more. Once again thank you all for your prayers and your friendship and the love that you show me. 
  • Jeffrey needs healing for Kidney stones. He is also waiting for results of a biopsy. Pray for good report. Pray he will return to God with his whole heart .Update: Kidney stone treatment successful, still awaiting biopsy results.
  • Update 12/10/17:" She is handling things better but is actively looking for a new job. Part of the problem appears to be due to discrimination:  Previous update: Things are not looking good. She is a truck driver. This seems to be a high pressure company. They put her on the road in a truck that broke down almost immediately, and they do not not seem to be very supportive. She may need to change jobs. Pray for her safety and provision. Original request: Dianne is very stressed, and also needs help with the intake and orientation for her new job  (this is happening right now 6:20 pm on Wed., Nov, 29). There has been a glitch on getting her Direct Deposit set up so her first paycheck won't be delayed. 
  • Kelly has been on waiting list for years to get a new kidney. She gets regular dialysis, and sometimes grows so discouraged.
  • Pastor Fred needs continued healing so he can walk without assistance, and also for continued recovery from the stroke last year and improved memory.
  • A healing is needed from persistent back pain

  • A pastor needs a miracle of healing: Update: One painful symptom disappeared! Pray that healing will manifest throughout body.
  • Marilyn is in bed very sick Update: Marilyn is improved. She thanks you for the prayers, and appreciates continued prayer for full recovery
  • Twin infants in hospital
  • A premie born Thanksgiving in hospital
  • Update: Please continue praying. Debbie needs healing. She is in bed sick. She spend Thanksgiving in ER. Update: Debbie is improving. She got out of bed today (Sunday), and walked some. Please continue praying.
  • Frances unexpectedly lost her job. She needs relief from anxiety and another job quickly. PRAISE REPORT! Found new job that pays BETTER than the one she lost (with more benefits!). 
  • PRAISE REPORT!  A mother is praising God that he has answered prayers for her son (who has missed work due to unexpected car troubles) to replace that vehicle and have a reliable transportation. God made a way where there seemed to be no way!
  • JL in TN needs salvation and deliverance from drugs
  • Patti's sister-in-law passed away. The family needs prayer
  • Update: Thank you for prayer. Feeling more content. Lee in Nebraska is struggling with loneliness
  • Lisa in Texas has cancer in her brain. She just had surgery and starts chemo soon

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Pray that new ministry outreaches, into which I am stepping out in faith, will bear good fruit in souls won to the Kingdom and disciples made for Jesus.