Hungry Hearts Radio

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Leave questions or comments below in the comment section. We would love to share them with our listeners!

What can you expect to hear on Hungry Hearts Radio, an outreach of Hungry Hearts Ministries? We air messages aimed at winning souls into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Christian growth and discipleship teaching, interesting debates and conference excerpts on hot topics for Christians today, and much much MORE.  

We air contemporary and vintage messages (truth is always fresh and relevant). We stream messages from well known speakers and relatively unknown speakers.

What would you like to hear on our station? Let us hear from you by leaving your questions and comments in the comment section below, or  contact us by email

What's your story? Record a short testimony of what God has done for you (under 20 minutes--most phones work great for this) and email it to us. We would love to air it on the station!

When is your favorite time to listen to Hungry Hearts Radio? Record a short station ID for us, and we will air it! Be sure your recording includes:
  •  1.) at least your first name 
  • 2.)  your city and/or state 
  • 3.) One or two reasons you listen to our station (You have more than one or two reasons? Submit multiple recordings!) 
  •  4.) End your recording with the words "You are listening to HUNGRYHEARTSRADIO.COM a 24/7 Bible Talk Radio Station!"

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