Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Godhead

   Paul wrote to the Christians at Philippi, that his desire was that they be filled with the fruits of righteousness, which come only by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

  I would like to focus for a few moments on the last part of that statement where Paul wrote that the fruits of righteousness are by Christ Jesus unto the praise of God.

   A cursory glance at this statement would imply that God is greater than Jesus, but since John 1:1 explicitly states that Jesus is God, New Testament statements, such as the one Paul wrote to the Philippians, can only be properly understood within the context of the Eternal Godhead Colossians 2:9

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   The Eternal Godhead is a composite unity—three in ONE. Hear O Israel, Yahweh our Elohiym is ONE Yahweh. All the fullness of the Godhead resides in Christ Jesus in physical form.

   Only by disregarding scriptures like Colossians 2:9, Matthew 1:23, Acts 20:28 and 1 Timothy 3:16 [as contained in all Received Text translations], which explicitly state that Jesus is Yahweh, can conclusions of hierarchal godheads be arrived at. All religious cults, that associate themselves with Christianity, diminish Emmanuel by creating hierarchal godheads. 
   Neither the Hebrew nor Received Text scriptures, teach that there is any such thing as hierarchy within the Eternal Godhead. The New Testament, Received Text, scriptures are witnesses to the Hebrew texts, where the prophets wrote of the Messiah, who would be Immanuel—God himself Isaiah 7:14, 8:8. Isaiah also wrote that Messiah would not only be Immanuel (The God with us), but that the Son of God, the Prince of Peace, would be God Himself [YHWH]—the Everlasting Father (the Father of Eternity) and the Mighty God Isaiah 9:6.    
   Jesus is not “a” god, nor is he subordinate to “the” God, because he is THE God. Jesus is truly…THE GOD with us.

   Jocelyn Andersen, is Founder and Pastor of Hungry Hearts Ministries, since 1992. She strives for obedience to Christ’s command to win souls and make disciples. She teaches biblical truth without the limitations of culture or tradition, through preaching, teaching, writing books, and through her 24/7 Bible Talk Radio station, She is the author of several Christian books, including the short but powerful booklet entitled, Jesus, God of the Burning Bush: Eternal Father & Beloved Son
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